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Garanti Koza (GK); honors the confidentiality rights of the users’ visiting the sites ‘’’’ and ‘’’’.

GK does not collect personal information of anybody (except for the ones submitting their e-mail addresses voluntarily and consciously to GK news and e-mail update list). GK does not bargain personal information with the third parties. GK neither sells nor rents this information, GK only can collect the data necessary for statistical analyses related with its webpage. This webpage can record IP addresses, operating systems of the users, browser software types that the users use and the pages users visit.

GK; can use the collected data to generally evaluate the users’ opinions about the special fields on the webpage and to make the necessary statistical analyses regarding users’ attitude and characteristics.


If you do not agree with the conditions given below or have any questions, please call us. We will be glad to help you. You are automatically regarded as accepting the usage requirements when you choose entering and using this webpage. 
This webpage is only for information purposes, not designed for commercial use. Information regarding the real estates for sale existing on this page, is not an offer made by GK.

If you want to make a purchase or a lease, please contact the authorized person with the phone numbers given in CONTACT US page. 
Logos, brands, patents and commercial labels are under the possession of GK and/or other brands. Usage of all these above mentioned items are subject to the permission of persons concerned.

GK gives you a limited permission to enter the page and to have the personal usage right, not a commercial one. This permission is limited, and only given to you with the condition that you accept copyright of the materials belongs to GK, and you can only download and make an electronically or hard copy of some of the contents (including articles, pictures, videos and graphics). Nevertheless, you can not change all or some part of the page. These permissions include any commercial nonusage liability of the webpage or its content.

This website or pages can not be, partially or completely, reproduced, changed, duplicated, copied, sold, rented or used for any other commercial purposes. You can not use cryptic text including the name or brand of GK. Any unauthorized use will mean the termination of given rights.

Your use of the site, about the above mentioned points, means that you personally or the employer you are working for have the legal confirmation.

Changes Made on the Website: We have the right to make changes, any time without notification, regarding the entrance, use and content of the site in order to raise the service quality we provide to you. Also, we have the right to make changes, without notification, regarding the Usage Requirements and Confidentiality Policy.

Confidentiality Disclosure: GK aims to inform you about not to forward or publish any information you think confidential or personal. If you forward this kind of information; GK, will have to assume that information you sent is not confidential. By forwarding or publishing such material or information, you give GK an unlimited authority for using, duplicating, distributing and likewise using this kind of material or information, and also you automatically give permission to GK for using the ideas, concepts, technical data and techniques you have sent or forwarded for any reason.

Information on this site is only given for general disclosure purposes. Though GK tries hard to give just the accurate information on this site, you may encounter with some mistakes not deliberately made in the information given. Please inform us about them. As such errors are possible, GK; DOES NOT GUARANTEE, MAKE COMMITMENT OR MAKE STATEMENT REGARDING THE INTEGRITY, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY AND CONVENIENCE FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF THIS SITE.

Links to Other Sites: If convenient, this page may also contain links to other uncontrolled pages that have no links or relations with GK. In this context, GK neither makes statement regarding the rules or confidentiality principles about using these pages nor controls and guarantees the quality, integrity and accuracy of the material and information given on these pages.